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Hi All! All my grand plans for 2020 went out the window early in the year! I won't bore you with any pitiful details that began months before our "social distancing" took effect. Life has a way of throwing you curves. But then again, curves sometimes lead to new paths. New paths lead to new destinations!

I have finally had time to sit down to get many of my patterns on StoneCottageDesigns Etsy store as PDF downloads! Whew! I still have a few to add. I still need to get some cover photos taken and I still have a few quilts to quilt so I can finish up some NEW designs.

I hope you all are well and safe. If you are dealing with hardships during this strange and troubling time, my heart aches with you. If you are able to use these times to be creative, share your projects, and share your creative "social distancing" stories. Let us know how are you using your quilting time. Better than me, I hope! Maybe the weather will cooperate so I can get a great cover photo for a new art deco runner in the works!

Art Deco Table Runner Look for this pattern soon!

Here is the link to other PDF downloads at StoneCottageDesigns on Etsy.

Until next time - sooner rather than later, I HOPE! ~ Barbara


It is January 1, 2020, the first day of the calendar year. In my life December 29th always starts a new year. On December 29 many moons ago, I started a new life with the love of my life. Since that was a busy day, and the next few days were just as hectic, January 1 is as good a day to begin blogging again, and a good day to get down into my dungeon studio to quilt. And I actually mean I plan to prepare to do some good old fashioned quilting on my home sewing machine, rather than the short-arm Mega-Quilter.

As I pulled the project off the design wall where it has been hanging for months, and retrieved the batting from its closet, I realized I had no backing. I went to my main fabric cabinet and stood staring at the loads of fabric on the shelves and not a single piece of white fabric was large enough for this project and it had to be white. It isn’t even a large project. I then moved over to another smaller cabinet. As I stood there and looked at the small pile of luscious white fabrics that I had high hopes of using for some special dying projects , I considered how long those pieces of fabric had already been in that cabinet. I had to decide... do I use what I have or push the satiny white fabric back onto the shelf ? My other two options were to wait until tomorrow when the quilt shops opened, after all it is January 1, or run out to the big box fabric store that is open today? I know myself well enough that if I wait until tomorrow for the quilt shop to open, something else will take precedent and I might as well hang the project back up on the design wall. And if I had to get in my cold car, drive the miles to the big box fabric store, then wait in lines with others trying to get some good sale prices, I would come home no longer desiring to sew. I contemplated both of those other options for about 2 minutes and grabbed that fabric and firmly shut the cabinet door.

Who knows if I will ever get to the original, special project the fabric was intended for, but today a project is longingly, calling to my creative inner self, and that is special enough for this day.

Now can I find the right color of gray thread? Why does one look green and the other two blue? And why don’t I just have a gray-gray thread in the myriad of spools I own.


We are heading to France soon and I was sorting through embroidery thread, thread, buttons and needles to fill a sewing kit to take along. While trying to find the bigger eyed needles that I seem to need these days, I found not one, but two containers of rotary blades in my stash. One had seven new blades and the other six new blades. I had been ready to order some new blades because I thought I was out!                                It really does pay to shop in your own stash!

Botanicals BOM and Embroidery Workshop begins May 1 in the May issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  For Stone Cottage Design-Quilts followers use secret code: SCD to receive a special subscription price.

This is a 12-month appliqué BOM combined with a home sewing machine embroidery workshop using Presencia™ Perle Cotton #16 in the top of the machine. While the embroidery accents may be accomplished using ordinary thread, the #16 perle cotton will add textural dimension to your blocks and also add a new tool to your quilting toolbox. See the Materials List for information on where to find Presencia™ Perle Cotton #16. You may also choose to add the embroidery by hand if so desired. Showcased are two quilts, each using nine of the twelve blocks.  Find Presencia™ Perle Cotton #16, 5 gm balls, at

Reminiscent of vintage watercolor floral prints from the 1800s, Antique Botanicals uses a warm, creamy batik for the background with earth tone batiks for the frames. Tropical Botanicals uses a watery, aqua batik for the background with the bright, cool colors of the tropics for the frames.

  Block 1- May




After working 5 months on a bathroom renovation, we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  This has left little time for sewing, so I am happy to finally have something to post. This is Modern Spaces in blue and white. It is now available in the April 2017 issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Check it out!  TQPM is once again available to our European subscribers!

Modern Spaces Quilt
Modern Spaces Quilt