About Stone Cottage Designs-Quilts and Barbara Douglas


Stone Cottage Designs-Quilts grew out of the desire to see what I, Barbara Douglas, could do with fabric and thread. It was born in a 65 year old stone cottage, and still both are still plugging along 15 years later.  Life's ups and downs sometimes gets in the path of where I want to go with my designs and vision, but it always seems to work out. I began Stone Cottage Designs because I wanted to be able to set my own schedule, travel with my husband, and be more available for my children and grandchildren. Those things were hard to do  while working 45-60 hours a week for someone else, especially when you were raised with a strong work ethic. If I have deadlines I take my work on the road with me. I finished my book Singular Sensations while traveling from mid-Michigan to eastern Pennsylvania.

Today, I have the opportunity to use and improve my skills for my own business while working as a copy editor with The Quilt Pattern Magazine where I also provide formatting and graphic design, as well. It has been a win-win situation. It is part time and I work from home or on the road, wi-fi at it's best!

I am busy preparing to launch my patterns on Craftsy by rewriting and reformatting each one. This way they will be available at lesser cost by being downloadable.

I will update the About page from time to time.