Cabin in the Woods

It doesn't matter how often I look at this I get a smile on my face.  We grew up on a lake in northern Michigan. When summer was over the lake area became quite deserted. We had the head mechanic as a bus driver so we always ended up with the buses with the most problems. This meant that we often broke down while driving the bus route. This was in the days of no cell phones and not even a dispatch radio (unheard of today) and no heat. The bus driver would walk to the nearest home to use what we now now would call a landline.  Often, because of these little glitches, we would get dropped off in the dark. The "glowing" windows on Cabin in the Woods always reminds me of being dropped off and seeing the windows of home through the trees; knowing our mom would have a fire going in the fire place and hot chocolate waiting on these days.  Funny, she had no way of knowing we were safe or when we would be home, but she had faith that we would arrive safe and sound - charging through the door, cold, hungry, and noisy!   By the way, we were always  making snowmen; they never looked quite like this fellow, but we had fun making them none the less! Pattern available at Stone Cottage Designs Craftsy Shop

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