Sorting and Shopping in my Notion Stash

We are heading to France soon and I was sorting through embroidery thread, thread, buttons and needles to fill a sewing kit to take along. While trying to find the bigger eyed needles that I seem to need these days, I found not one, but two containers of rotary blades in my stash. One had seven new blades and the other six new blades. I had been ready to order some new blades because I thought I was out!                                It really does pay to shop in your own stash!

2 thoughts on “Sorting and Shopping in my Notion Stash

  1. Nancy

    Glad you found them before purchasing more. I need to replace the blade in my small rotary cutter, I know I bought some, but I have yet to remember where I put them. Guess it might be time for my serious search to take place.


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