Sea Side Summer Blog Hop

Seaside Summer Blog Hop

Just a note: Keep your comments coming until the September 7 drawing. If your comment doesn't appear its because I might not have any internet at THE LAKE this holiday weekend!

Growing up living on one of Michigan's most beautiful lakes - Higgins,  surrounded by the massive in-land seas of the Great Lakes, summer seemed forever and childhood seemed idyllic.  A move as a young adult  took me to the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia and the peace of crashing waves continued.

I could say the sand, water and seashore are just in my blood.




The Sea Foam collection by Island Batik is so very, reminiscent of the varied textures and colors of growing up in a cottage, with its homey unmatched furniture and covered cushions




Wave with its beadboard-like, straight-line echo quilting, was tentatively designed as a prototype of a very large wall hanging, but grew organically out of the sea of these lovely batik fabrics into a table mat. 24" x 46"



Give-Away: September 7 drawing

Leave a comment for a chance to receive a scrap bundle of  Island Batik Seam Foam Collection  Sorry, Island Batik Ambassadors are exempt from the give-away. -USA only due to postal rates.

A most favorite 'seaside' snack:

1 hotdog, grilled over an open fire + 1 hotdog bun + Condiments to taste. Assemble carefully and sit on the dock with the water lapping at your feet. Repeat as desired! Ahhh! Childhood memories.


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92 thoughts on “Sea Side Summer Blog Hop

  1. anna Brown

    Hahaha Higgins lake Never been but my best friends went ...Was a wild time on that lake so i heard......More a lake superior girl myself... Now living in Maine.... Very very nice wall art....Love the colors..... ty for sharing...

    1. Post author

      Anna, wild in those days was staying up till midnight to see the northern lights. But today is different we still camp at Higgins North State Park, to avoid the Party Park of South State Park. Lake Superior is a favorite of ours as well, fond memories of our little girls shivering and screeching as only little girls can, as they raced into the Superior again-but then again, they also spent a great deal of time IN the cold spring fed Higgins! Thanks for your comment! Maine is on the Bucket List.

  2. Barbara, yours is a unique and lovely quilt. The way you chose to quilt it works so perfectly with your interesting, attractive, appealing design, as do the colours..

  3. Liz Dyer

    I grew up in Rhode Island, the Ocean State! I just about lived at the beach. I love batiks and am currently working on two batik quilts, one with an ocean theme for my granddaughter. I would love to win this fabric grouping, it would help replentish my dwindling batik stash. Love you quilt, it is very unique.

  4. Nancy N

    Barbara, love the contemporary kilter of your topper. I can use my imagination and see many things there besides the obvious fish. The "beadboard" quilting is the perfect texture when I think of all the cabins I stayed in while living in MN.

  5. Lori Smanski

    wow this is a most amazing quilt. i adore the movement you created. you have used the colors in such a fantastic way to optimize the modern look.

  6. Melody Lutz

    I see you LISTENED to your fabric!!! Sometimes they have a life of their own and you got them to LIVE It Up! Fabulous.

    1. Post author

      Melody, these are not my usual colors to work with, and when I first saw them I was dismayed, but as I mused on them and thought of the name of this challenge, the colors themselves brought so much of my childhood to mind, and of course I was a quirky kid so the shape just sort of came out of that. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Post author

      Thanks Joan! What month's ago I was wondering what I was going to do with these fabrics that are not my usual fare, turned out to be something I truly love!

  7. Kathy E.

    Barbara, your table mat is lovely and so modern! Your love of the water certainly shows in the design. I love pieces like this that identify the maker. I'm not sure I have found that style within myself just yet, but hopefully it will come. Very inspiring!

  8. Post author

    Aimee, it is my plan to have the pattern ready soon. I have 3 others ahead of it, that have magazine deadlines. I will let you know when I have it done! Thank you!

  9. Lori Morton

    Love the colors in your Quilt! You are soooo Creative!! I have lived in almost middle of Ohio always...would love to live close to the water! Got to see the Ocean when vistied our Daughter in North Carolina! Was GORGEOUS!!

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  10. Cecilia

    What a great quilt! I grew up about 10 miles from the beach, so I remember spending a lot of time there when I was young. Thank you for sharing your quilt and for the giveaway.

  11. Lori M.

    I love your little quilt, that became bigger. The top and bottom lines give the quilt so much movement. I live in Montana, surrounded by mountains and streams...but Yellowstone Lake is beautiful!

  12. Nicole Sender

    Lovely quilt! I think the colors are perfect. I have fond childhood memories of Michigan's Upper Hamlin Lake! Hot dogs were a favorite with my family!

    1. Post author

      Thank you Nicole! Hamiln Lake is a childhood favorite of my husband's too! As for hotdogs, when my brother 'came home' for visits, he always returned to FL with his Michigan favorite hotdogs.

  13. I've grown up in a desert mountain landscape (Utah), but there are plenty of lakes and man-made reservoirs for recreation and water supply. The Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake, Bear Lake, to name the biggest ones. The Great Salt Lake is very salty, and there are sections that turn orange/red with beautiful algae, like the orange/red batiks you used.
    I'm working on my first quilt with Island Batiks, and I love them already!

    1. Post author

      Rachell, we love spending time in various deserts, but always return to the Great Lakes. We have not made it to The Great Salt Lake, though I have spent time in the air gazing at it, very impressive. Can't help but LOVE Island Batiks.

  14. I love the lines and movement and suggestions in your quilt! I could stare at it for a long time and think about all the beach memories I have. Thanks so much for sharing your art!

    1. Post author

      Thanks Linda! I was out of my comfort zone with the colors of Sea Foam Collection, but adding the additional Island Batik pale green swirl, and the very dark Island Batik plum solid that I had on hand, brought it all together and I fell in love with it.


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